If there is a traditional building culture across Europe, then it is definitely half-timbered culture.
Rolling Tiny House GmbH from Neumünster is now coming onto the market with its third Tiny House model series as a half-timbered farmhouse, which was developed specifically for people who want to downsize but still don’t want to miss out on all the amenities of a modern house. The “Tiny Kate” is now the first model in the new Rolling Tiny Kate series , which will offer its residents much more that was previously considered utopia in tiny houses.

While many tiny house projects in Germany have simply failed due to German building law and therefore could not be used as legal residential buildings, the “Tiny Kate” will have a classic gable roof with a beautiful hip or crooked hip and hipped eaves, in accordance with the requirements of the majority of development plans in Germany . However, what is crucial for most building authorities is that new residential buildings “fit harmoniously into the townscape”. The expert calls this “neighborhood development in accordance with Section 34 of the BauGB ”. A half-timbered house fits into almost every townscape – in the country, in the city, throughout Germany and even across Europe. By meeting the ecologically sustainable requirements for thermal insulation proof in accordance with the Building Energy Act as an EH55 energy efficiency house, the Tiny Kate is the first officially EH55 mobile tiny house ever.

Up to 13 meters long (the Tiny Kate is available in three sizes ), this creates a real two-room house with a large living room and pantry kitchen, a bedroom with a king-size bed and a full shower room. “When developing the “Tiny Kate” we had a very special image in mind: from a distance it actually looks like any other farmhouse in the country and the closer you get, the smaller it becomes,” says managing director Peter L. Pedersen firmly. Typical farmhouse elements such as a two-part cloister door as the entrance to the house, a patio door in the bathroom in the style of a classic barn door and the typical wood-burning fireplace in the living room – here of course as an environmentally friendly pellet stove – should not be missing.

The “Tiny Kate” can be delivered by low-loader and towed onto the property on its own chassis, meaning that the expensive heavy-duty crane is usually unnecessary. Rolling Tiny House GmbH, Neumünster, is one of Europe’s pioneers of micro-houses that are suitable for building permits and suitable for everyday use.


All further information about standard and special equipment, colors, materials, prices, information about building permits, property searches and much more directly on the website www.rolling-tiny-house.de under “Tiny Kate”.