The Rolling Tiny Hotel with two apartments or offices in a tiny house.

Investors have long recognized that tiny houses can be highly profitable. That’s why the “Tiny Hotel” is coming along now

  • Two 1-room apartments
  • complete with pantry kitchen and shower room
  • Private entrance to each apartment
  • fully furnished upon request
  • upon request with a large open terrace
  • upon request as an EH-55 tiny house
  • Set up, connect, rent

Building Energy Act GEG.
Let’s not just talk about winter resistance and sustainability: Our rolling bungalows are expressly classified as energy efficient houses in accordance with the strict German Building Energy Act . This confirms for you excellent insulation, an excellent room climate without condensation and mold, responsible use of renewable energy and, last but not least, sustainably efficient heating energy for the next decades.

Solid steel frame construction.
With us, not only the basic frame is made of steel, but the entire house structure. Creaking wooden frames are a foreign word for us. This makes a tiny hotel one of the most stable real prefabricated houses on the market.

Three axles instead of just one.
Mobile bungalows are real heavyweights and maneuvering on even slightly uneven roads can turn into a real Herculean task  . That’s why upper-class models always have three individual axles including a steerable turntable in order to minimize the risk of damage during installation.

2 heating systems to choose from.
We equip the Tiny Hotel with infrared underfloor heating in all rooms as standard. Optionally, a split air conditioning system for heating and cooling is available for each apartment and/or an electronically controlled pellet stove in both apartments.

Hotel quality furnishings.
In hotels, the upholstered furniture must be particularly durable. That’s why we equip our tiny hotels with upholstered furniture with up to 50,000 scrubbing cycles upon request.


All further information about standard and special equipment, colors, materials, prices, information about building permits, property searches and much more directly on the website under “Tiny Hotel”