Healthcare for Everyone, Everywhere

  • Highly qualified doctors and medical staff 
  • Best methods, using innovative techniques for diagnosis and treatments
  • Improved rehabilitation by climatic conditions 
  • Rehabilitation / recreation with medical care
  • Healthcare for every budget 
  • Completely free consultations

In MD Holidays:

  • We collaborate with clinic centers and Doctors certified by TÜV, ISO, TEMOS
  • Each patient is individually looked after according to his / her history
  • You are legally or privately insured? We will go through with you the checklists and discuss all details before your arrival
  • Intercultural support
  • Appointments and travel formalities
  • Translation of doctor’s letters
  • Copies of the patient’s file for any necessary post-treatment in the home country
  • Even after your return home, we will be at your disposal for any questions or assistance

How much could it cost my Medical Tourism trip?

The type of medical tourism procedure you will be undergoing will dictate, how much money you will be spending.
In general, the farther away your medical tourism destination the more you will pay for airfare.
Also, you need to take into account that some medical tourism destinations are more expensive than others.