Let’s not beat around the bush. Here are the most important arguments why you should choose a Rolling Bungalow Classic.

But take a look for yourself what a Rolling Bungalow Classic looks like from the inside

A real energy efficient tiny house.
Everyone is talking about ecology and sustainability – we have them: Our Bungalows Classic are real efficiency houses and you can choose between EH-70 as a mobile home for the weekend house settlement or EH-55 as a residential house that can be approved for building permits. You can see exactly how this can affect your energy consumption by looking at the so-called primary energy requirement. See here: Ecology and sustainability

Building Energy Act GEG.
Let’s not just talk about winter resistance and sustainability: Our rolling bungalows are expressly classified as energy efficient houses in accordance with the strict German Building Energy Act . This confirms for you excellent insulation, an excellent room climate without condensation and mold, responsible use of renewable energies and, last but not least, sustainably economical heating energy for the next decades.

Solid steel frame construction.
With us, not only the basic frame is made of steel, but the entire house structure. Restrictions on the structural design caused by hours of transport on the road, similar to an earthquake, are avoided from the outset. Numerous building supervisory authorities are already demanding massive structural statics for the highest earthquake zone 3 for houses that have been delivered ready-made.

Two axles instead of just one.
Movable residential buildings – as mobile houses are now bureaucratically referred to – are real heavyweights and maneuvering can turn into a real Herculean task, even on slightly uneven roads. That’s why upper-class models always have two individual axles in order to minimize the risk of damage during installation. If you want to make it even easier, you can add the optional steerable axle.

Covered terrace as standard.
With the Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania models , an eight square meter covered terrace is a natural part of expanding the living space. If you want it to be even more expansive, you can order one of our exclusive wooden terraces and expand your terrace to up to 38 m 2 .

2 heating systems to choose from.
In addition to an electronically controlled pellet stove that brings a cozy fireplace into your own home (up to 85%  less CO 2 emissions compared to gas heaters), we also offer an alternative or additional heat pump system that can not only heat but also cool . This makes a Rolling Bungalow de Luxe one of the most sustainable mini houses on the market.

Wood, plastic or clinker decor – the choice is yours. Whether a modern Kerrafront façade, a real wood log house profile or a façade with clinker decor suits your needs – the choice is yours. Maybe you would like to “dare with color” and order  your rolling bungalow in your personal RAL color of choice. And whether you want a decorative wooden ceiling or more of a country house style with wooden ceilings and walls – everything is possible.


All further information about standard and special equipment, colors, materials, prices, information about building permits, property searches and much more directly on the website www.rolling-tiny-house.de under “Bungalow Classic”.